Moots has been handcrafting frames in Steamboat Springs, CO for 37 years. In that time they have earned a reputation as one of the premier titanium builders in the world, offering everything from gravel and road to mountain and adventure bikes. Known for their innovation current Moots frames offer unique options like 3D printed drop-outs, YBB suspension, custom butted tubing, and anodized finishes. Frames are available in stock or custom geometry.


Based in Boulder, CO Mosaic Cycles was founded in 2009. In that short time they have earned a reputation as one of the premier titanium frame builders in the bicycle industry. Every Mosaic frame is built to order, with custom geometry and tube-set specifically tailored to the size and riding style of the customer. Their road, cyclocross and mountain frames are available in titanium, steel or stainless steel. Each frame come with a myriad of options making sure that you get the exact frame you always wanted. Delivery times on a Mosaic frame usually range from four to ten week, depending on the time of year.

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Pegoretti frames have the feel, look and history that no other company can match. Each frame is still handmade bike Dario Pegoretti, using steel, stainless steel and aluminum Columbus tubing. Dario uses custom oversized tube-sets on most of his frames which gives them a unique look and ride quality. Most of his models are available in stock or custom geometries with the option of a custom paint job. Before he started building bikes under his own name Dario worked as a contract builder for teams in the pro peloton. Mario Cipollini, Marco Pantani and Miguel Indurain all raced on Pegoretti bikes which were painted to match the team sponsor.